Dralon Fabrics

Fabrics suitable for outdoor use made in 100% acrylic Dralon, Oekotex-100 certified and available also with Teflon or waterproof finish.
We produce in different widths: 45cm / 135cm / 140cm /160cm /185cm / 280cm / 325cm / 345cm.

DIGISUN - 100% Outdoor

Digisun is an European Union Trademark.
Digisun is digital printed, Teflon coated and Oekotex-100 certified made in 100% acrylic Dralon.
The lightfastness to light and weather conditions is 7/8 for all colors.
you can use DIGISUN for outdoor with no fear of fanding!

Indoor Fabrics

A large variety of fabrics dyed in cotton and polyester or acrylic yarn, with or without Teflon finishes.
Our fabrics are suitable for furnishing and for tablecloth use.
the dyes are Indanthrene and industrially washable.
all references are in stock service with very small minimum quantity.
Collections are available in width 280cm and 140cm for Teflon collection finished.


Outdoor fabrics - solution dyed acrlic

ACRYSUN performance begins with the utilisation of 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre. After weaving, the fabric is then finished using Teflon technology. (oil and water repellent).
ACRYUSUN is ideal for upholstery, cushions and umbrellas.
Comfortable, yet weather-ready and durable enough for outdoor use. ACRYSUN dries fast, cleans and offers unprecedented protection from the sun.
is guaranteed for 3 years to color loss.